The Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS) has entered an accelerated phase of development, with the finalisation of the UIC V2 Specifications ongoing, as well as preparations being underway for the Morane 2 project in Europe, alongside initial FRMCS initiatives outside Europe.

The global FRMCS Programme is making significant progress, and it is now clear that FRMCS will be the next major “big development” over the next decade for the entire railway system, in all four corners of the world.

With its crucial mission of enabling and facilitating digitalisation, FRMCS will pave the way to train modernisation, improving security, punctuality, services and capacity.

Over this two-day event, you will receive a complete overview of the various components of the FRMCS Programme, while also having the opportunity to network with the industry leaders who are making FRMCS a reality.

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